Before booking your cart

For Aqua Blue, the safety of our users is of utmost importance, especially for the youngest ones, that’s why we provide all the devices for the safety of children:  baby seat, child seat and booster seat at no extra cost. Our carts are approved for 2 and 4 persons babies and  children are considered  as full passengersthe absence of seat belts and exceeding the capacity of the cart can lead to a fine of up to 400 euros.

Depending on the model booked, our cars are rented to  groups of 2 or 4 people (including babies and children) If your group is larger you will need to rent a second or third car or find additional means of transportation (bicycle, scooter).

We reserve the right to cancel the rental contract without refund if your group exceeds the maximum capacity indicated in the reservation and contract.

Thank you for understanding!